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Youth Sports Massage Sarasota

Youth Sports Massage Sarasota The last few decades have witnessed a dramatic rise in the level of at[more]

Sports Massage Sarasota

Sports Massage Sarasota Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics[more]

Table Thai Stretching Sarasota

Table Thai Stretching Sarasota Passive stretching combined with rhythmical compressions are used to [more]

Swedish Massage Sarasota

Swedish Massage Sarasota Swedish massage therapy was developed by Swedish doctor Par Henrik Ling in [more]

About TCB Massage

Total Body Care massage therapy center offers traditional massage practices such as Swedish massage for those clients who are looking for simple relaxation and pampering to relieve stress and rebalance their bodies.    If you are a beginner, profe[more]

Muscle of the Month

Muscle of the Month – Quadriceps What are the Quadriceps? Your quads (Quadriceps) are made up [more]

Adult Stretch of the Week – Static Hip Flexor

Static Hip Flexor Stretch Doing a static hip flexor stretch after a martial arts workout lengthens y[more]

Kids Stretch of the Week – Cat-Cow

Cat-Cow Stretch This yoga-influenced stretch is good for the spine and also strengthens the abdomina[more]