Table Thai Stretching Sarasota

table thai stretching sarasotaTable Thai Stretching Sarasota

Passive stretching combined with rhythmical compressions are used to increase flexibility while relieving tension in the muscles. Pressure is applied with the hands, thumbs, forearms, and feet. Thai Massage not only calms the mind and nervous system, it balances the body’s energy. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, but has been adapted to use on the table and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage.

There are a wide variety of benefits to a Table Thai massage that include the elimination of pain, restores postural balance and the increase in flexibility in the joints and muscles.


What to expect from Table Thai:

The massage practitioner leans on the recipient’s body using hands and usually straight forearms locked at the elbow to apply firm rhythmic pressure. The massage generally follows the Sen lines ontable thai stretching sarasota the body — somewhat analogous to meridians or Channel (Chinese medicine) and Indian nadis.

Legs and feet of the giver can be used to fixate the body or limbs of the recipient. In other positions, hands fixate the body, while the feet do the massaging action.

A full Thai massage session typically lasts an hour or more, and includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body; this may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipient’s back and stretching.  There is a standard procedure and rhythm to this massage.

table thai stretching sarasotaStandard positions for Table Thai:

  • Supine- on your back
  • Prone- face down
  • Side lying
  • seated